Classified Website Logo

Classified Website Logo

Logo Requirement

This logo design for a website has to show a deal over web. Please come up with two or more alternative of designs. IF you are submitting, one design should be
based on below concept. You can think of any other concept along with this design and submit.

Design concept 1
A handshake through the computer screen. It should be enclosed in a cloud/circle/rectangle (whichever looks good). One hand should come from behind the computer screen and the other from the front side and handshake should be through the computer screen. The choice of computer screen has to look futuristic. 

Design concept 2
Think of any concept that symbolizes logo requirement.

Design should be simple and usage of color should be restricted to basic
Design should not be too colorful
Design work should be original and no duplicate work should be submitted

Additional Info

  • Client Name: varunshahu
  • Client Field: classified website Logo
  • Company Location: jersey city, United States