Conference Poster for

Conference Poster for "Domestication and hybrid communities"

A scientific conference named "Domestication and hybrid communities" will take place in April. It will gather botanists, zoologists, archaeologists and anthropologists working on the topic: how plants, animals, microbes and humans live together in shared spaces? How do they domesticate each other?
We need a visual for the poster of the conference. The drawing should be for example the symbol of a house with inside (in a circle or in different rooms?..) a domestic plant (wheat ear...), a domestic animal (goat, caw..), an elephant, a bacteria or a molecule and a human.
The task is to create a complete poster with the following information:
Head:"Domestication et communautés hybrides"
Subhead:"Cohabiter, coévoluer, coopérer"

Colloque international
musée du quai Branly & Muséum national d'histoire naturelle
14-15 avril 2016

The poster will include the logo of the organizing institutions (in the attached file).

Additional Info

  • Client Name: calendrier
  • Client Field: Scientific Conferences
  • Company Location: Saint-Eliph, France