all cable ties logo design
all cable ties logo design

all cable ties logo design

All Cable Ties Logo Design

We need a logo for a company named All Cable Ties.

About the company: Startup e-commerce business that sells cable ties/zip ties.

Looking for: Professional and Modern logo, open to any colors. Be creative!

We will hire the winner for ongoing graphic design work (banner designs, marketing materials, website mock-ups, landing page designs, etc.)

Additional Info

  • Client Name: CTUScott
  • Client Field: Cable Ties
  • Client Testimonial: Thank you very much, I like it and I'd like to see this with some color changes. Can you change some colors and resubmit? I would like to see it with these color changes: change the color of "ALL" from blue to #FF893B and do the same for the orange cable tie?
  • Company Location: Brunswick, United States