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We can see also how seats are compatible with the Islamic units, even there isn't any Islamic art on these seats, which consider one of the defects that the designer didn't take care about it.

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The designer has succeeded in providing adequate space for visitors and patients, also he succeeded in providing a good space for the TV, without breaking the Islamic character.

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The designer used the fallen ceiling to make Illuminations, but he missed again because of the absence of any ceiling decorations or any Islamic character, which was strongly necessary to comply with the wooden spacers.

20151031 192150

Blue colors used appropriate to the place retains the desired calm, which breaks the monotony of the usual white color in hospitals.

20151031 192136

Glass raw materials used are resistant to dirt on the wall and give the gloss and the implications due to lighting effect.

20151031 192027

It is worth mentioning that the use of Islamic motifs wooden spacers, in all architectural spaces available within the clinics, gave a strong sense of interdependence, and the only missing thing that was needed is to add same patterns in the floor and cieling to link between them.

20151031 191903

The choice of the subject of the painting was not successful, because it is a far cry from the Islamic character used in the separators.

20151031 191839

Painting in itself is not bad, it is made of glass mosaic, but it is full of defects, for example horse brown color in the middle became white causing a negative watershed, and the painting has no blurry dimensions at all.

ِAs assessment for decoration in Qader Fahmy Hospital Clinics, we can say it is considered good when compared to the usual decorations, which we see in hospitals in Egypt, but it can not be taken as a model on which to build or use it at work decorated in similar places in order to derogation for many of the constants own aesthetic values interconnected between ceilings, walls and floors, as well as the appropriate board.


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